Nutritional Therapy and Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition and lifestyle change

My role as a Nutritional Therapist and NLP Master Coach is to help you choose the right foods for your health and also to offer emotional support and motivation, facilitating you to stick with the new lifestyle you have chosen for yourself.

I am uniquely placed as a Nutritional Therapist because not only can I offer nutritional advice, I can also use my skills as a Master of NLP to offer professional nutrition counselling including emotional support, changing bad habits, erasing limiting beliefs and introducing powerful motivational strategies.

As we age we begin to suffer from numerous disorders which affect our physical health and our brain health; feeling tired all the time, lacking mental clarity, struggling to get a good nights sleep, suffering from stiff and achy joints, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, feeling overweight and sluggish, increasing digestive issues, just to name a few. Making yourself healthier with the right nutrition is not a short-term fix; it takes time, planning and perseverance. If I were to work with you, my aim is to help you plan and persevere in order to give you back your mental clarity, energy, slim waistline, pain-free joints and zest for life.

My passion for nutrition and lifestyle change were born out of my desire to heal myself, my family and my closest friends. My mission is to pass on my knowledge to you, giving you the tools required to become your own healer.

Nutrition programmes

I have designed the following programmes to offer structure and support.
These programmes are designed to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes for the long-term – ie. forever!
You will find the recommended foods on these programmes are satisfying, satiating and energising:

1. 28 day programme

The first programme is a 28-day programme which is based on a high fat, high fibre, moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet. Prior to starting this programme you will complete a food diary and medical symptoms questionnaire and then we meet face-to-face (online or in person). During this consultation I elicit a complete medical history and determine your preferred outcomes so I can tailor the programme to your unique needs. Thereafter, instead of giving you all the information you need in one go, which can often be so overwhelming that only a small percent of it is adhered to, I drip feed daily videos to you which are 5-20 minutes long. Each video will give you dietary advice for you to start introducing into your lifestyle. If at any stage you find that you are getting behind and need time to catch up, we can just pause the programme and then restart in after a few days or a week if you wish, it is entirely up to you. This way you will gradually making the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle and at the same time staying motivated and on track.

2. Maintenance programme

The second programme is a maintenance programme. I move you onto this programme once you have completed the 28-day programme. Obviously, you aren’t ‘done’ after 28 days. This is just the start of your health journey. Maintenance ensures that you continue the good work beyond 28 days. It is here that we decide how and when to introduce more carbohydrates back into your diet, if we feel that is required. Again, this is very individual and depends on your unique requirements and lifestyle.

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