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Jess’ testimonial

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Old habits are easy to kick

Some changes make a real difference. Having recently completed my 28 day programme with Andrea, I can honestly say how delighted I was to see how small changes can certainly help. Having led a fairly healthy lifestyle before, just following a few simple changes shows how your body will adapt to its new lifestyle. I no longer crave bread or pasta. Old habits are easy to kick. My lifestyle now is based normally around Keto and there are so many options out there. With all the help and guidance Andrea provides you will definitely succeed. Thank you Andrea for your continued support.

– Pippa Smith

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrea for a consultation

I heard about Andrea through a friend who had found the diet programme to be very beneficial. I mentioned it to my husband as he was keen to lose weight and also become generally healthier through diet and exercise.

I attended with my husband for the first face to face consultation with Andrea. Predominantly because I do the shopping and most of the cooking. I needed to understand the programme and how it worked. I also decided to follow the programme as I thought it would be easier to do it together and spur my husband on!

We didn’t find the 28 day programme difficult to follow but it was a different way of eating, which we actually enjoyed! My husband started to lose weight within the first week or so and continued to do so. I did not really lose much weight during the 28 days but lost a significant amount during the weeks to follow. When I started the programme I was happy to lose half a stone. I actually lost over a stone in weight which for my frame and age (70) was rather too much.

Since the initial 28 days we have continued to follow much of the programme but when socialising or just fancy having something off the programme, we don’t hesitate! I have now maintained the same weight for some months which I am happy with and I feel very well.

We really enjoyed the daily videos and having met Andrea I immediately thought that she is a shining example for the programme as she has glowing skin and is the picture of good health!

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrea for a consultation and have been recommending Andrea whenever it seems appropriate!

– Christine

I have lost weight and my mind feels healthier and clearer

I enrolled on Andrea’s 28 Day Programme primarily to lose weight and to become fitter and healthier. Andrea has a wide knowledge of which foods are healthy and which are best to avoid. The format of the programme, with one lesson per day, enabled me to really digest and absorb (excuse the pun) how I should eat for a healthier lifestyle. I have lost weight and my mind feels healthier and clearer. I intend to carry on with the diet suggestions to retain the benefits of the programme. Thank you Andrea.

Simon Edginton

Your input has – over time – made quite a difference to us both

I know I’ve thanked you before, but maybe it can bear repeating…

Joining your group in 2013 for those power walks started a process:  that first week you got us all to think about our priorities and where we placed health in our thinking…food for thought (and still is).  Soon it became obvious that even “just” walking is so beneficial to health. I have never been a “natural” sporty type  (my sister definitely is though)…my own preference was always for reading!

As you know I met a “walking pal” in your group and eventually we moved on to more frequent walks together, depending mostly on the weather.  The mental and physical benefits we both experience mean we have stayed quite well motivated.   Then last summer we joined a weekly exercise class to help with the aim of improving upper body strength.  The impact of this on flexibility and balance has been noticeable. And it’s fun, even.

In conclusion, your input has – over time – made quite a difference to us both.   Irene x

I am so grateful for your amazing knowledge

Dear Andrea, Thank you for helping me through to a better place with my health and understanding. I am so grateful for your amazing knowledge and genuine care to help others. Love and God bless, Penny

If you really want to change things for the better, then please give this a try

We were both feeling very sluggish and tired a lot of the time and I have suffered with years of psoriasis and stomach problems, and Gary, my husband with his hip joints.

As luck would have it we were put in touch with a friend who had been on Andrea’s 28 day plan with her husband and they were both feeling amazing and had lost weight too as a result.

Our interest was aroused and so we had a free consultation with Andrea who told us the basis of the plan, and how it had literally saved her as she had been so poorly for so long, so we decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

I won’t pretend that it’s the easiest to start with because you do give up a lot of things that you are used to, but as a result of this and all that we have learned, everything started to taste nicer and we were starting to see and feel our bodies changing inside and out which was a really nice feeling!

Now, my scalp psoriasis that has plagued me for over 45 years is disappearing, my stomach issues have gone, and Gary’s hip joints are so much better, in fact everything is becoming better!

We would say that if you really want to change things for the better then please give this a try, what could be more important than investing in your health and therefore your future.

Thank you SO much Andrea we really appreciate all of your help and support through this, it’s certainly opened our eyes.

With heartfelt thanks, Carol and Gary Mellor 

I can’t recommend this enough!

I was recommended to Andrea by a friend who had already followed her 28 day programme with great success. At first I was reluctant to contact Andrea as I had already spent a lot of money with a London Nutrition based company trying to recover from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth). Out of desperation really I asked, via Andrea’s website, for the free 20 minute phone call and Andrea called me that same afternoon. I was possibly a little bit straight with her as all I wanted to know was had she been able to help anyone suffering with SIBO, I didn’t want to waste anymore money. Andrea advised me she had in the past had success and went on to explain the two lots of very expensive antibiotics that the previous nutritionist had advised me to take were only acting as sticky plasters and not getting to the root of the problem ie. killing off the bad bacteria.

I had my first appointment the very next day and after talking with Andrea decided to follow her 28 day programme. I can’t recommend this enough, within a week the pain I had been suffering for a year had suddenly gone, I was eating a much wider variety of foods and could actually feel my body healing. I, like many others, thought I was eating a very healthy diet and also felt I knew a lot about nutrition as it has always interested me. Having finished Andrea’s program I now know everything I have read in the past isn’t correct. I cannot recommend Andrea enough, I can honestly say I really looked forward to my daily email and support from Andrea throughout the programme.

– Elaine Morris

I’m so happy I have changed my life around!

All my life I have been on diets. All my life I have struggled with a bad bloated stomach, cravings, yoyo fad dieting but none had a lasting effect!

Now I have a much better understanding about me, my body and my gut. Andrea has provided realistic bite size pieces of information that have changed my energy levels, my brain fog and so much more.

I also have Candida which has given me plenty of challenges along the way but by following the low carb, no sugar, healthy eating plan I now sleep so much better: I have no cravings, mood swings or overwhelming tiredness or reflux; I love cooking wonderful new foods and recipes that are so easy but so filling and tasty for the whole family.

These 28 days have been transforming and I’m so happy I have changed my life around!

Thank You Andrea

– Paula Delaney

I now feel happy and calm

I was suffering from constipation, fatigue, anxiety and a foggy brain. Even though I slept 8 hours at night I still wanted to sleep 2-3 hours during the day. I would wake every morning with chest pain and anxiety. I had this all my life, for 42 years I lived with pain and suffering. I tried all sorts of diets and medicines to help but none of them worked for the long term. I realised it was my diet that I needed to change and I then found Andrea and she really changed my life. I followed her 28 day programme and it was amazing. Now the constipation has gone and the brain fog has gone. I now feel happy and calm. During the first week of the programme I started to feel the positive effects. During the second week I lost a bit of motivation and ate too much fibre and had a bit of a sore stomach. But by the third week, I become more conscious and clear about what I needed to do and then everything changed. I realised that I did not need to rush this, it is not a race! What was I rushing for as there is no destination to get to! This is a manner of travelling, a way of living for now and forever. Now I have energy and a clear mind and am able to fit in everything without feeling the overwhelm. Once the brain fog had gone there was no need to worry or rush anymore. I now know it was my gut brain connection that was creating all my worries. I am now the role model that I want to be for my daughter; she will watch me and learn how to be healthy. I congratulate myself on finding the right therapist and eventually working out what is now right for my health for the long term. This is the best thing anyone can ever do for themselves. Thank you Andrea!

Gulay Paksoy.

I feel all sparkly!

Ruth and Garry, have just finished my 28 Days To Optimal Health Programme. Here are some messages from their journey:

“We have just watched that amazing video. Life changing! Don’t really know what else to say, other than we are overwhelmed and grateful to be on this journey with you. It is really transformative. A switch has gone on in our heads. Last night we had chicken thighs, a sausage and a big salad with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Then we told ourselves that we could maybe have a glass of wine while watching Eurovision. We would have had a bottle and loads of crisps, but we didn’t, we like the way we are feeling now, so we had a couple of glasses of Kombucha and I made guacamole with an avocado, garlic, lemon juice and tomatoes and cut up a couple of carrots to dip in. Smug as Sarah! No breakfast as yet because not hungry, just coffee, butter and a teaspoon of MCT which we received yesterday.”

And then …

“Wow! and Wow again! Thank you so much Andrea. We are absolutely loving this. Just had an almost green smoothie (had no leafy veg) broccoli, raspberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, half an avocado, some salt, slurp of olive oil and lemon juice and almond milk. Not eaten since last night had coffee with butter and MCT first thing. I love the zingy feeling from drinking the smoothie. Tonight we are having roast chicken, asparagus and salad. Last night we had a cottage pie (left over from day before cos I made so much) the mash was cauliflower and carrot and swede and I served it with courgettes sliced in half with a bit of parmesan shaved across the top of them, yum yum. Amazed that I said to a friend today ‘I feel all sparkly!’”

And then …

“I have known for many years about the mind/gut connection but oh my goodness! No one could have ever been fully able to explain just how in synch they are. You have to do it for yourself don’t you? I can almost hear them talking to each other. I now eat to live rather than the other way round but I didn’t know it until we did this with you. Thank you thank you thank you! It has been truly life changing and we are forever grateful.”

Nuff said! Except that I love my job 😊