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I am so grateful to Andrea

Kat has just completed my 28 day programme. This is what she has to say …

“I got to a point where I had a few health problems; weight problems, digestive problems and it was affecting my mental health so I came to Andrea to look into how nutrition could help. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but started the 28 day programme positively and optimistically and found that it has helped massively. Many things have improved and changed in my life within the 28 days with relatively simple steps and effective tips. It has also been really interesting and educational and some of the information Andrea sends is really inspirational. I was a big sweet-eater and loved my crisps and rubbish, so one of the reasons why I didn’t want to do something like this was because I knew Andrea would say to me stop your bread and potatoes, etc. I thought I’d be the last person that could make the necessary changes, but I actually have not missed the ‘rubbish’ food at all. I know it sounds really corny but if I can do it, anyone can, honestly! If anyone asked me beforehand what one food group do you live on it would have been carbs – toast, pasta, potatoes, sandwiches and now I have given up all of them and I am not quite sure how I’ve done it! The whole process has been a much more simple and pain free than I imagined. I am so grateful to Andrea for everything she has done in putting me on the path to a healthier life. I feel so much better and am looking forward to feeling even better as I continue implementing all of Andrea’s suggestions into the future.”

We reached out to Andrea to help educate our support group

As a group of commercial airline pilots we reached out to Andrea to help educate our support group in diet and the menopause. The talk that Andrea gave was informative and helpful with regard to how nutrition can help reduce menopausal symptoms. She is extremely knowledgeable and delivered her presentation professionally with empathy and humour. The feedback from our group was that Andrea’s presentation was invaluable as it has provided us with the knowledge to successfully negotiate this transient phase of our lives.


I’m really glad I found Andrea

As a busy professional it is important to know how to keep high levels of energy throughout the day. Therefore, my reason for looking to find a nutritional therapist was to learn what food is healthier for our human body to help me achieve this goal. I’m really glad I found Andrea. Her 28-day plan is incredibly helpful and packed full of eye opening information that will be useful for the rest of my life. Firstly, I gained noticeably more energy within three days of starting the 28-day plan, and most importantly, all of my cravings for comfort food disappeared. However, the best part of having more energy is that the energy levels lasted me throughout the day, it is not an energy rush that will last a few hours, it is sustained energy. Secondly, I did not have to make massive changes from one day to another. I started to gain benefits from the programme whilst still gradually learning and applying the new information that was provided in short online videos that were accompanied with clear instructions from the additional programme material. Finally, after a couple of months following and applying the newly gained knowledge, I learned that it was difficult to switch back to some of the food that I used to crave. Certain comfort food did not taste the same – it tasted plain, and I stopped wanting it as it did not give me any satisfaction. When my body got used to eating healthy, I started to crave more fresh food. I whole-heartedly recommend this plan, if you follow it as instructed, your body will tell you what to eat and when, and it will also help with weight loss.

Richard Ausmanis

It has positively changed my lifestyle

Before starting Andreas 28 Day Programme I was struggling with low energy levels, bad sleep cycles, fatigue and digestive bloating issues due to food intolerances, and due to being in a high activity job and requirement for good fitness standards this was noticeably affecting my lifestyle. After completing the 28 Days To Optimum Health Programme my energy levels have massively improved, I have better sleep cycles and have a better understanding of the food intolerances and how to deal with them, not only has it helped with this but I have also learned so much about nutrition and the impacts that food can have on our health from Andreas nutritional videos, guidance and daily actions to complete. It has positively changed my lifestyle, knowledge and approach to different types of foods and provided me with life long skills and materials to refer back too – I am extremely grateful for this and highly recommend Andreas nutritional programmes and guidance.

Martha Sage

What a great result!

I am a health care professional and have needed the help of Andrea for issues regarding IBS. When I started, I was barely able to get to work as my issues were so severe. I followed her advice to the letter…not the easiest advice to follow, to be honest, but what a great result! I thought, for years, that I was suffering with hay fever…turns out, I was affected badly by dairy products. I had an inflammatory condition in my right knee, which I thought was due to years of running on flat feet…but in fact, once I followed the dietary and nutrition advice from Andrea, my knee is 98% better and I am able to start to do yoga moves which I have avoided for 18 months or longer! As for the IBS, which was the original problem which led me to seek Andrea’s advice…so much, much better. I am feeling so much more energetic and sleep better, amongst other great side effects like losing weight, gradually, but I think that is certainly the better way. In conclusion, I would recommend Andrea and her nutritional therapy most highly and if you are considering this option….what are you waiting for? You will feel much better and be much less in pain and discomfort if you contact her and get the rest of your life as optimised as you possibly can. Five stars; extremely highly recommended.

Jane Swales

I have lots more energy

After the 21 day cleanse I have lots more energy and the early mornings are no longer a struggle. I don’t experience brain fog at 4pm and the intense sugar cravings are no longer present. I thought eliminating dairy and carbs would be difficult but I found myself craving vegetables instead! I will definitely continue with this new way of eating. Thank you for all the advice and support throughout. It helped me stay accountable and continue on the process.
Isobel Morrisey

Your talk last night has struck a chord with me

Karin, who is about to start the 21 day detox programme, said: “Your talk last night has struck a chord with me. Since early menopause at 40 I’ve had ongoing weight issues, even when on a strict diet and working out daily. Which wasn’t sustainable for me, it left me exhausted. You said “Your body won’t use a toxic fat cell for fuel” and that was a light-bulb moment. I’ve always been a bit distrustful of detox gurus, it all seemed a bit “faddy” but now I get it. Thank you for a really informative, helpful and inspirational talk, you packed a lot into a couple of hours.” For any peri-menopausal or menopausal women, please do get in touch. This programme may just be the life changing kick-start you need.
Karin Dean

Presentation was superb

Andrea was our speaker for the first Zoom conference call meeting held by the West London Aromatherapy Network. Her presentation was superb, full of wonderful information on gut health and how to gain and maintain it. She has such a huge knowledge of her subject, born from personal and professional experience; this showed in how she engaged with the group and their questions. She presented a power point presentation via the share screen facility of Zoom which worked brilliantly. We are looking to invite Andrea back to speak about mental health and how Mindfulness and NLP can help.
Louise Crockart from the West London Aromatherapy Group

Extremely well presented, engaging and informative

During the Covid 19 crisis we launched a new digital platform so that we could engage with our members in providing live classes and educational seminars. Andrea provided a talk for us how to “Boost your immune system by understanding your gut health”. The talk was extremely well presented, engaging and informative with Andrea demonstrating herself to be a true expert in her field.
Paul Ramsay, 3d Leisure Ltd

I have now lost 2 stone in weight and I’m feeling so much better for it!

Always love it when I get emails like this from clients. This is from Gill Williams who started the 21 day gut healing programme in October last year. “I am going to order another ‘detox’ later in the year. However, I’m pleased to report I have now lost 2 stone in weight and I’m feeling so much better for it! The new found eating programme continues…” Well done Gill, fab news 🙂