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Initial Consultation


Your initial telephone consultation is FREE. During this conversation we will ascertain what you want to achieve and I can decide if my skills are suited to your needs. I will explain to you how the different therapies I offer can help and then you can decide if this is for you, without any obligation to take any further.

28-day programme

If I were to work with you, after completing a lifestyle questionnaire and food diary, we would meet online where we would devise a personalised 28-day treatment programme. The aim of this programme is to put you on the path to achieving optimum health. During this programme, I will be in touch with you every day (via video-link, email or telephone), ensuring that you make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle and that you stay motivated and on track.


When you have completed the 28-day programme, we meet again online to discuss your next steps. As you are probably well aware, that these first 28 days are just the start of the process of improving your health and moving you towards optimum health. When you finish the 28 days I can guarantee that you will feel so good that you will want to continue the good work. We therefore move onto a maintenance programme.

FREE 20 minute consultation

Not sure if I’m the right nutritionist for you?
Find out by booking a 20 minute consultation free of charge.